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Isolated Chronic Deltoid Ligament Tear Reconstructed Surgically with Half of the Tibialis Posterior Tendon

We present a new method for reconstruction of chronic neglected tears of the deltoid ligament of the ankle joint, using half of the posterior tibialis tendon. This has been applied to 5 patients with an average follow-up of 6 years with very encouraging results. Five patients with a mean age of 28.2 years (range 23-50 years) visited us with chronic medial collateral ligament rupture. All were treated surgically where the deltoid ligament was reconstructed with half of the posterior tibialis tendon. Median time since injury was nine months (range 3-17 months), cause of rupture was sports injury and the preoperative AOFAS score 50,4 (range 48–64). All patients were followed up postoperatively for a mean of 3 years (range 1-5 years) and had a stable ankle with mean plantar flexion of 50° and dorsal flexion 20º. No complications occurred. The postoperative AOFAS score was 91,8 (range 85–97). Deltoid ligament reconstruction using half of the posterior tibialis tendon is an effective method of treatment for chronic neglected tears of the deltoid ligament. This treatment option has very good results, it closely mimics the anatomy of the deltoid ligament, the graft is strong, it is economical without the use of allografts and artificial grafts.

Ankle Sprains, Deltoid Ligament (DL), Autograft, Posterior Tibialis Tendon (PTT)

Ioannis Erginousakis, Vasileios Mitronatsios, Christos Stragalis, John Aifantis, Dimitrios Erginousakis. (2023). Isolated Chronic Deltoid Ligament Tear Reconstructed Surgically with Half of the Tibialis Posterior Tendon. Journal of Surgery, 11(5), 119-123.

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