Volume 4, Issue 3-1, June 2016, Page: 25-28
Nasopharyngeal Branchial Cyst, a Rare Presentation
Wael Al Juraibi, Department of Otolaryngology & Head and Neck Surgery, Al Hayat National Hospital, Jazan, Saudi Arabia
Received: Mar. 14, 2016;       Accepted: Mar. 16, 2016;       Published: Apr. 18, 2016
DOI: 10.11648/j.js.s.2016040301.15      View  4638      Downloads  116
Introduction: Branchial cleft cysts are congenital developmental defects of which second branchial anomalies are the most common type. Most of these anomalies present as a lateral neck mass along anterior border of sternocliedomastoid muscle. Careful examination and proper intervention is needed in some of these cases to avoid unwanted complications or even emergencies. Case presentation: A 5 years old boy was brought by his parents with history of dysphagia and snoring for about one month. There was no other associated history of sore throat or shortness of breath or oral bleeding. During fiberoptic examination we found a pedunculated left nasopharyngeal mass. CT imaging showed a left nasopharyngeal hypodense lesion with no vascular or bony invasion. Excision of the cyst was done via combined transoral/transnasal endoscopic approach. Follow up after eight months showed no evidence of recurrence. Conclusion: Second branchial cleft cysts presenting in the nasopharynx are considered rare presentations of the disease and other differential diagnosis should be always brought in mind. Fiberoptic examination of such cases is mandatory to rule out laryngeal involvement and to predict the extension of the cyst for surgical intervention. Surgical excision through combined transoral/transnasal endoscopic including the tract ligation is the treatment of choice to prevent recurrence and to minimize the occurrence of possible secondary infection of the cyst.
Branchial Cleft, Nasopharyngeal Cyst, Pediatric, Transoral Excision
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