Journal of Surgery

Volume 4, Issue 4, August 2016

  • Common Nasal Anomalies and Its Implications on Intubation in Head and Neck Surgeries

    Ganesh Elumalai, Sushma Chodisetty, Sanjoy Sanyal

    Issue: Volume 4, Issue 4, August 2016
    Pages: 81-84
    Received: Jun. 16, 2016
    Accepted: Jun. 24, 2016
    Published: Jul. 18, 2016
    Abstract: Nasotracheal intubation used to be the preferred route for prolonged intubation in critical care units. Nasotracheal intubation may sometimes cause nasal trauma. The study included one hundred and nine (109) adult patients, were scheduled for elective head and neck surgeries with general anaesthesia, requiring nasotracheal intubation. All the patie... Show More
  • Using Thick Loose Seton Reduces the Incontinence and Enhances Healing Rate of High Type Fistula in Ano, a Retrospective Study

    Alaa Al Wadees FRCS

    Issue: Volume 4, Issue 4, August 2016
    Pages: 85-88
    Received: Jul. 06, 2016
    Accepted: Jul. 13, 2016
    Published: Jul. 28, 2016
    Abstract: The recurrence of fistula in ano after operation is distressing for the patients. The aim of this study is to minimize the recurrence of fistula in ano after surgery and to protect from postoperative incontinence. 126 patients were presented to the clinic as a primary or a recurrent high fistula in ano. Only two cases of them were emergency. Fistul... Show More